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My co-author Bruce Davies (The Men Who Persevered) and I have now released our huge tome on Australia's involvement in the Viet Nam War entitled Vietnam - The complete story of the Australian war. The book is selling very well and now hopefully we have set the record straight given some recent attempts by authors who simply have got the Australian perspective and involvement wrong in quite a few places. Some heartening reviews are shown below:

 "As the opening quote in this book points out, “history is important”.  As I turned the pages this became more and more evident.  The book traces the history of Vietnam and how this history cannot be separated from the now-familiar outcome." Simon Willis AM, CSC, Major General (Retd)

"I have just this morning finished your most recent book and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. It pricked many long inflated balloons in Australian military mythology and I am gratified that some objectivity is at last appearing. I was especially impressed with your attention to enemy documents and your discussion re enemy tactics." Peter Stokes, Colonel (Retd)

 " I have totally enjoyed the book and consider it to be the best of the best that I have read since Vietnam, on Vietnam." Kevin Lunny, Major (Retd)


" Thank you for telling the story. Although you approached it from an Australian perspective, you did justice to all of us who fought in the war and to the Vietnamese people."  Jim Coolican, Colonel USMC (Retd)


"It was so pleasing to me to read the chapters “In the Beginning” and “Difficult Decisions”, which hammered out and portrayed those involved in our less than adequate, dealings with SE Asia and Indo China." John McFadden, Vietnam Veteran.

My second life after the military and being an author and freelance historian seems to now revolve around my battlefield tours to Viet Nam. In April 2011 I led the NSW Premiers' Anzac Scolarship tour with eight students on a study tour and enjoyed the company of the young academics immensely. In 2012 I  led two tours with Mat McLachlan's tours to Viet Nam each side of Easter and another Anzac Scholarship tour in September. I did a tour in March/April 2013 and then found myself leading a scholars' tour that had been scheduled for South Korea and I led that group of 16 to Singapore for the battle of Singapore and then 10 days in Viet Nam. I am hoping to expand our tours into Secondary Schools in the near future.

When not doing that I am busy doing manuscript appraisals, conducting seminars and workshops and hopefully selling books through this website. With Healing Hands has done well and drew some very nice reviews.

My publishers Allen and Unwin have created an ebook of On Patrol with the SAS, for sale through the retail site The RRP for the ebook edition is US$20.95. There is now a dedicated page on the website that has details of this and some of my other books in ebook format. The address is:

Recent releases

I self-published a book for Garry Chad in 2010 entitled Kangaroo Creek and that has sold very well amongst the veteran community. I hold copies for those who want to read a very personal account of one soldier's experiences in South Viet Nam.

Going Back has been well received around the country and the demand has led the publishers to release this book as an ebook edition. Go to the website and follow the prompts. The RRP for this book is US$ 17.45.



 Ebooks are now becoming more popular and if you go to  you will see that Allen & Unwin have created an ebook edition of Jungle Tracks, for sale through the retail site. Simply type in Gary McKay in the search box under 'Author' and away we go. The RRP for the ebook edition is US$20.95. I have also recently been informed by Allen & Unwin that Delta Four will no longer be printed in hard copy and should soon be released as an Ebook. More details to follow when they come to hand.

It is nice to know that books that are no longer in print can still be accessed through this exciting new medium of literature.

Battlefield Tours

I will be taking a tour to Viet Nam in May 2020 starting on 4 May and in my opinion this is the best tour that I offer. It is highly suitable for veterans, paretners and members of the public whp want to hear about how Australia became involved in the American War, how we went about our business and also learn a little about Viet Nam's turbulent modern history, its culture and its cuisine. For more information contact me direct on for a brochure and costings.

Writers' Workshops 

I am still conducting writers' workshiops but mostly on an as required or on demand principle.  If you want a one on one seminar we can discuss the requirement you may have an work out an arragment. Flexibility is my middle name.


My novel

I have now completed my first novel; an action thriller based on a job I did whilst serving and working with the AFP. Dancing in the Danitree is a story of drugs, deceit and danger in the underworld of Northern Australia. The manuscript is being read at present and we hope to go to the publishers early in the New Year.





My clients' latest releases

Shown below are some books released by some of my clients who have broken through the barrier and finally got their books into print. All are self-published efforts.

Journey of Hope is the inspiring story of Dr.  J. Michael Davey. Fostered as a baby and placed in four state-run institutions, Michael experienced significant abuse. Kidnapped by his father, he eventually came home only to discover his mother was a violent and crazed schizophrenic who hated him. Author: Dr Michael Davey, Autobiography, RRP $ 22.95 Arkhouse Press


Zeron is a science fiction thriller by Vindal Vandakoff. Zeron is the death planet that constantly evolves through a terrifying pattern. First released as an Ebook and now available in hard copy. Go to to download your copy for $2.99 or $14.99 in paperback

'The Happiness Jar' by Samantha Tidy has just been released and is affine read and highly recommended.








 My latest releases..... Minimize


With Healing Hands - The untold story of Australian civilian surgical teams in Vietnam

In August 2009 we will be releasing my latest book With Healing Hands - The untold story of Australian civilian surgical teams in Vietnam. This book was co-authored with Libby Stewart from the Australian War Memorial, and tells the story of the surgeons and operating theatre staff who volunteered to serve in South Viet Nam.The teams served from October 1964 through to the end of 1972, and they brought expert medical and surgical care, comfort and support to a war-weary and traumatised civilian population. The book will be launched at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra at 11 a.m. on Wednesday 26 Augiust by Major General W. B. 'Digger' James who has also written the Foreword. The RRP is expected to be $35.00 



Going Back - Australian veterans return to Viet Nam

This book is designed for the Australian war veteran who is thinking of returning to Viet Nam. Based on the experiences from three tours with veterans and a case study from a recent tour, Gary has captured the emotions and experiences of fellow veterans as they return to Viet Nam, many for the first time since they were on the battlefield. It allows the veteran to make up his or her mind on what to do when returning to the former war zone.

  Times of Change – A history of Caloundra City

This large coffee table format book chronicles the history of white settlement in what was called Landsborough Shire and is now Caloundra City. Supported by over 200 historical images, many never seen in public before, this book describes the intrepid explorers and gutsy adventurers who settled in the region to first win precious timber for the settlement of Brisbane Town and then raise cattle, horses and crops for the region. The hardback copies have now almost disappeared although I have a handful left. Softback copies can still be bought from Sunshine Coast Libraries.






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