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After The Blood Cools - The Warrior's Dilemma is my latest release. I have written this book in response to the alarming number of suicides among our younger military veterans. My aim was to shine a light into the dark space where warriors are often asked to go or find themselves in during or after they have been in combat. We luanched the book at the Hyde Park Memorial in Sydney in mid- April. Sir Peter Cosgrove was the launcher and also generously wrote the Foreword to the book. A long toime friend and fellow historiuan Ray Martin was our MC and did a sterling job. The publisher is Libing Hoiistory TV abnd this is headed up by Mat McLachlan who I also do work fopr in Viet Nam as a tour guide. The book is vaiable through Living History or through contactiung me on my email address at The RRP of the book is $35.00 plus p & h (usually $9 anywhere in Australia).

This is a personal trip down memory lane for me and I have stripped evertyuthing bare and told my story of my expreinces in battle and afterwards in uncompromising and raw - if not brutal - honesty. The reviews have been very complimentary and supportive, especially from fellow veterans.